Kevin Burns


Holo Kevin Burns 2014

Kevin Burns | OMAC | 19:00

Kevin Burns is a Derry-based artist and writer. He works through performance, graphics and the written word, with an emphasis on critically mining notions of publicness.
Kevin’s first performance-lecture ‘Holo’ speculated on linkages between stuttering, cloud computing and queerness, and was commissioned by CCA Derry~Londonderry for ‘Of Other Bodies’ (Feb, 2014). He writes irregularly on art for a range of print and digital platforms, and is an occasional facilitator including at Turner Prize 2013. His work has recently been supported by the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, Henry Smith Charity, and the Arts Council of Northern Ireland. Kevin holds a BA and MA in Sculpture-Fine Art from the Manchester School of Art.

On the occasion of FIX15, Kevin Burns will present a lecture-performance on the European ‘refugee crisis’, exploring how images, the written word, and the spoken word might rearticulate copyrighted news-imagery of crisis. The work takes as a point of departure a piece of writing where Kevin attempted to zoom into and through images of refugees with words, to verbalise their pixelation.




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