Patrick Coyle

In here it is all in here Hear it all in here it all at all can you here me (1)

Patrick Coyle | Thursday 10th December | Meet at Catalyst Arts | 18:00

Patrick Coyle (b. 1983, Hull, UK) is an artist and writer. Coyle’s recent spoken performances take the form of guided tours and poetry readings that incorporate various encounters with language including overheard conversations, digital correspondence, fictional future dialects and invented alphabets.

Coyle completed MFA Art Writing at Goldsmiths, University of London (2010) and BA Fine Art at Byam Shaw, University of the Arts London (2005). Coyle recently delivered performances at Global Committee, Brooklyn; Tate Modern, London; ICA, London;  Nottingham Contemporary and Wellcome Collection, London. He recently exhibited work at ICA, London; DKUK Salon, London; ANDOR Gallery, London; Pump House Gallery, London; Kunsthal Aarhus, Denmark; The Royal College of Art, London; and Saison Poetry Library, London. He recently contributed texts to The Cambridge Literary Review (Issue 8/9); A Circular (2 and 3); Invisible Fabrick (Norwich); and Dear World & Everyone In It, New Poetry in the UK (Bloodaxe Books, Northumberland). Coyle is also a resident at The Hub, Wellcome Collection, London (2014-2016) and a member of The Disembodied Voice research group.

Image Credit: ‘In here it is all in here Hear it all in here it all at all can you here me’ Typed performance in live response to the work of Beth Collar, Matt Copson and Heather Phillipson for ‘Tall Tales and Wayward Narratives’, Nottingham Contemporary. October 2015.