Rhubaba Choir | Ann’s St Subway | Saturday 5th | 16:00

Rhubaba Choir was formed in 2013 as a commissioning platform for new works, intended to provide invited artists, musicians and writers with the resource of collective voices as a material. Rhubaba invite artists to make works for and with the voices of the choir, whether through traditional means or by using the voice in other, more experimental ways.

When not working to commission, Rhubaba Choir provides the opportunity for individuals to sing together in a welcoming, eclectic group and share singing experiences throughout the year. We sing at gigs, events, for performances and often in strange places. The repertoire of the choir is largely defined by the choir members themselves, and recent works have swung between works by 13th Century Anchorite, Julian of Norwich, Ivor Cutler and Iggy Pop.

Rhubaba Choir transformed into a witchy jug band when working with artist Serena Korda for her project The Hosts: Ectoplasmic Variations; recorded a number of improvised pieces based on Wittgenstein’s Tractatus for Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau’s Unluck podcast; made a film and provided the soundtrack for poet, Thomas A Clark called The Dawning of the Day; supported the viking helmeted The Space Lady and The Grubby Mitts on theirPolitics of Friendship tour, and have held workshops with singers Drew Wright and Christopher Bruerton. We are currently working with audiovisual composer, Richy Carey on a new film project.